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. . Definition of Polygons. A rectilinear shape bounded by three or more sides is called a Polygon. The number of sides is equal to the number of angles in a Polygon. In the following paragraphs, you will find the types of Polygons with definition. We have also included types of polygons images. Motion is classified into three types - Rectilinear Motion, Circular Motion, and Periodic Motion. Rectilinear Motion When a body or an object moves in a straight motion or along a linear/straight line, it is called a rectilinear motion.Examples of rectilinear motion are launch of a rocket, movement of an elevator, car moving in a straight road,etc. . . . .

. Rectilinear Motion: Rectilinear motion is the term describing the motion of an object over time along a straight line. Rectilinear motion problems involve position, velocity, or acceleration. . . . Erratic Rectilinear Motion. Many real systems are erratic. For example, a car driving on a road. The car will start and stop many times during its travel. Erratic motion occurs whenever a motion parameter (i.e. s, v, a) is not continuous or the function has jumps or sharp bends as shown in the figure. When analyzing erratic motion,. . Apple falling from a tree, a ball thrown off a cliff, etc., are some of the examples of rectilinear motion. 7. Elevators. An elevator moves up and down with the help of an electrically powered pulley mechanism. The motion of the elevators is along a straight line. Hence, it is said to be displaying rectilinear motion. 8. Playing Slide.

. . rectilinearly adverb Examples of rectilinear in a Sentence the rectilinear skyline of a modern city Recent Examples on the Web Most of the 10-story building is sheathed in glass windows arranged in a strict rectilinear pattern — a very contemporary look — but the ground floor is more sinuous, which evokes off a midcentury vibe. . . For example, the speedometer in your car gives your instantaneous speed, but not instantaneous velocity. ()() dt dr t t t t t t t = ∆ ∆ = ∆ +∆− = ∆→ ∆→ r r r v 0 0 lim lim Instantaneous Velocity and Speed When discussing velocity and speed, we will always mean instantaneous velocity or speed, unless explicitly stated otherwise. . Examples for Rectilinear Motion. The use of elevators in public places is an example of rectilinear motion. Gravitational forces acting on objects resulting in free fall is an example of rectilinear motion. Kids sliding down from a slide is a rectilinear motion. The motion of planes in the sky is a rectilinear motion.

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